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Crows Feet Treatment:  

Lines around the eyes give a variety of emotional expressions, most of which convey a negative impression. These Crow's Feet are the result of normal but excessive muscle action of the underlying sphincter muscle of the eye and produce wrinkles that radiate outward in a 'sunray' effect. Elimination or softening of these lines is a frequently requested procedure. Botox alone is a great treatment for young patients given its prophylactic effects. While this request is simple, in the older population, adequately treating crow's feet often requires combining Botox with a rejuvenating treatment such as Laser to obtain optimal results. With most rejuvenating treatments, a good long-term result is only possible if the underlying muscle action is controlled with Botox.

Since the eyelids and the surrounding skin is quite thin, it is an area that is particularly responsive to Laser resurfacing which uses a light and heat to moderate depth laser with no downtime. The crow's feet area is pre-treated with Botox followed by Laser Rejuvenation two weeks later. 

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