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Treatment for Downturned Mouth/ Mouth Corners:

As women and men age, volume is lost, upper and lower lip wrinkles develop and the corners of the mouth draw down. This often creates a sad or unhappy appearance to the lip area, the "mouth frown" or marionette line, a very ageing sign. In some patients a chronic irritation due to salivary overflow (a condition known as angular cheilitis), can develop.

At Sinclair Aesthetics we can treat this ageing sign by injecting a dermal filler such as Juvederm, into the small triangle of skin just below the corner of the mouth. In this manner a drooping mouth corner can be turned up quickly and easily. The key to a good corner of the mouth lift is very dependent on the expertise of the injector.

The rejuvenation of the downturned mouth with dermal fillers and Botox is performed daily with great success. The sooner this procedure is performed the better the final result will be. If these wrinkles at the corner of the mouth are neglected, they become deep folds with scar like wrinkles which are very difficult to treat successfully.

A downturned mouth with ingrained wrinkles is very often due to overactive depressor muscles of the mouth or a habit or tic that the patient has developed over time which causes constant creasing of the mouth corner. If a small amount of Botox is injected into the mouth depressors, the downward pulling action is negated and the mouth takes on a smiling appearance. The correct placement of this Botox injection is very dependent on the experience of the injector. Make sure that the Botox practitioner you choose for this procedure has done numerous procedures. 

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