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BodyeCrackle™ – Advanced Cellulite Technology

The MOST Advanced Anti-Cellulite Solution brought to you with the Patented Crackle Technology. BodyeCrackle™ is a revolutionary mousse that assists in improving the appearance of Cellulite and the ‘orange peel’ effect, using the innovative Crackle Technology. The effective synergy of 12 Active ingredients, combined with the patented Crackle Technology provides rapid and deep penetration of the product, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

Active ingredients and 5 main Benefits:
  • Activation and Improvement of MicroCirculation – Capsaicin
  • Decongestion of tissues – Ivy, Birch, Asiatic Centella
  • Antioxidant action – Green Tea
  • Hydrating and soothing action – Aloe
  • Metabolic stimulation of tissues locally
What makes BodyeCrackle unique?

The patented Crackle Technology!!!

With gentle pressure and massage, micro-explosions within the mousse, activate and drive the active ingredients into the tissues, resulting in superior absorption and hence results.

With Cellulite, there is generally no actual cure – ongoing maintenance, usually with a combination of ‘in house’ treatments and at home product, is necessary.


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