Silhouette Face Lift

Treatment for Ageing Skin

Silhouette Face and Neck Lift is a surgical lift of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck by applying Silhouette Lift sutures without cutting away any excess skin. Silhouette Lift sutures consist of a number of absorbable cones which improve significantly the effectiveness of tissue lifting. The cones are distributed along the length of the thread allowing the threads hold better and anchor evenly to the tissue.

The cones contain 82% of L-Lactid and 18% of Glycolid which are both absorbable in the human body and are broken down by the process of hydrolysis and heat. Within the first 5 months about 50% of the cones are absorbed, and after 10-12 months the cones are fully absorbed.

When the sutures are inserted in the subcutaneous tissue, the cones protect the knots placed evenly along the threads. When the sutures are pulled up to lift sagging facial tissues in an upward direction, the knots are based strongly on the cones bases making the pressure go evenly along the length of the thread.

Once the cones are absorbed, tissue growth around the knots will make the face-lifting effect sustain several years.

The procedure is usually suitable for patients with sagging face and neck skin, for young people who require a better projection of the cheekbones, for those with deep nasolabial folds or visible 'marionette lines', for the patients with moderate sagging face and developed so called 'hamster face', and to correct sagging neck skin. The procedure also improves eyebrow contour by its lifting. It is also popular among male patients, especially those balding ones, since hiding post-operative scars after the standard face-lifting procedure may be troublesome. Silhouette Face Lift procedure is also applied in case of face asymmetry due to facial nerve paralysis.

Preparation for the Procedure
The Silhouette Lift procedure may be performed only on healthy individuals. Undoubtedly, it should not be performed on patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and serious heart diseases. The doctor should be informed before the surgery about all past diseases and surgeries as well as possible allergic reactions to anaesthesia and other surgical interventions. All recommended medical examinations should be done and the results should be delivered to the clinic, at the very latest, three weeks before the procedure is to be performed. Two weeks prior to the surgery no aspirin or any other medications which contain acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin or anti-inflammatories) and vitamin E should be taken. On the day before the surgery no strong coffee or alcohol is allowed either. The hair should be washed in the evening on the day preceding the surgery or in the morning on the day of the surgery.

The Silhouette Lift procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

The procedure
The Silhouette Face and Neck Lift procedure with special sutures may be performed separately or together with other corrective surgeries of the face such as liposuction, adipose tissue transplantation or fillers application. The procedure of face-lifting requires small skin incisions in the hairline area of the temples; to lift eyebrows the incisions are located in the forehead area above the hairline, and in case of neck lift the incisions are placed behind the ears. The incisions are usually 0.5 - 1 cm long, and the scars remaining afterwards are almost invisible.

Silhouette Lift sutures are inserted in the subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck and anchored in the deep fascia of the head. As a result, the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck are pulled up. It is worth emphasizing that Silhouette Lift sutures are non-absorbable and remain in the subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck for the whole life, whereas the cones anchored in the subcutaneous tissue dissolve within 10-12 months. This does not cause any problems long term.

Post Procedure
After the surgery the incision region may be slightly painful and swollen. Moderate bruising is also reported. The symptoms, however, usually subside within 7 days. On the first day after the surgery only liquid meals may be consumed, and for a week the mouth should not be open widely. Moreover, the patients are recommended to consume only meals of soft consistency. After one week skin stitches are taken out and a soft massage of the operated region is strongly recommended. The return to work usually takes place after two days, however it depends on each individual as well as the amount of sutures inserted.

The final effect of the surgery is assessed after one month and it sustains for several years. The effectiveness of the surgery, however, depends on both the surgical procedure and individual features of the patient's body as well as patient compliance to aftercare.

Effects and possible complications
A permanent scar will remain in the area where the incision has been made, but this is in the hair line or behind the ears and are normally not visible to the naked eye. However, the colour, quality and width of incision depend on both the operative technique and individual features of the Patient's skin. After the surgery, the patient may suffer from face pain and swelling which are probable to last up to one week.

Every Silhouette Lift procedure bears some risk of complications although rare and minimal, especially:

  • bruising, bleeding and hematoma in the operated region
  • accumulation of fluid under the skin in the operated region
  • inflammation of the scar and tissue under the skin in the operated region
  • uneven skin surface in the incision regions
  • feeling the sutures under the skin, should not however, be visible
  • face asymmetry
  • prolonged painfulness of the cheeks and temples

These complications are more likely with smokers. The majority of the complications, however, are not dangerous and subside after proper treatment if necessary.

Post treatment instructions, which would be provided at the time of the Procedure:


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