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Cavix Body Sculpting

Radiant Healthcare proudly presents our new cavitation equipment that uses variable range, the most advanced technique in non-invasive body shaping, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Cavix allows, in only a few sessions, to perform very efficient body reshaping without pain.  

  1. What is Cavix?
    Cavix is an effective method that destroys localized adipose mass, based on the cavitation system. It's an ideal method that allows amazing results through a non invasive treatment. Cavix reshapes body contour reaching deep layer fat deposits using low frequencies. This way it ensures a treatment that attacks the base of the problem differentiating it from other systems that apply high frequencies that don't penetrate further than the superficial layers.
    It is highly recommended for using after a liposuction to correct asymmetries, further perfecting surgical reshaping.

  2. Effective results
    Reduction in only a few sessions:
    The Cavix system destroys localized fat deposits allowing the body to reduce centimeters. Difficult to reduce and resistant areas can be reshaped with a non invasive, sure method obtaining results similar to liposuction, but without the exposure to surgery.

    Improves aesthetic surgery:

    Cavix is an effective device used for reabsorbing localized fat deposits, thus producing a body reshaping. For this reason it can be used prior to liposuction to prepare the tissue or after the operation to perform the finishing touches, perfecting the surgery.

    Used on these areas:

    - Abdomen (lateral and central)
    - Gluteus
    - Thighs
    - Legs
    - Arms

  3. What is the cavitation effect?
    Cavix works through a fat reduction system called cavitation, which generates compression and decompression of the fat cells at a velocity of 36.000 to 44.000 times per second, till they explode. This method emits low frequency ultrasonic waves that the fat deposits cannot resist and are destroyed.

    Cavix represent a safe and reliable equipment to reduce fat because it allows you to:

    - Reach the most possible adipose cells, thanks to its SWEEP function, a mechanism allowing the impact angle of the wave to vary so the cavitation is
      conducted from different angles.
    - Vary between 36 and 44 KHz, increasing and decreasing the frequency between 36.000 and 44.000 times per second.
    - Control the application time through a timer that ensures greater precision.
    - Work on any type of adipose tissue, thanks to the transducer which guarantees the cavitation effect in compact adipose cells as well as fibrous,
      edematous or lax cells.

  4. A treatment with a simple application
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    Having a proper mindset is an extremely important element in weight loss, but is underestimated. The right Mood and Mindset will give you motivation, commitment and help you overcome temptations and distractions. The neuro regulator complex in Body2tone can help the nervous system by encouraging the production of serotonin which is a mood enhancing chemical in the brain, which can also assist and help control hunger cravings, binge and compulsive eating, as well as maintain high energy levels, relieve stress and mental fatigue and most importantly help you feel great and positive with a sense of wellbeing.


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